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"When Is Your Book Coming Out?"

  • The ideas for your book are literally pouring out of you, yet NOT reaching the paper.
  • Clear steps to writing, publishing and promoting your book is what you are craving.
  • You know a book will change your business model in such an amazing way, it will form the basis of your workshops and future online courses, reaching many more than you can help in 1:1 consults in clinic.

Hi, we're Jen and Sandra. Natural therapists, just like you. Jen has written and published 14 books, forming the cornerstones of her business, while Sandra coaches therapists in business growth

You have a dream of writing your book: However, it keeps Drifting Off Into The Horizon!

We know you have been thinking about writing your book now, for what feels like "forever".

You have clients forever saying, I wish I could take you home so I could check with you when I'm not here, and you know a book would do that for them

Every time you sit down to start your book though, the ideas literally pour out of you, and yet you struggle to get that first page written, it just doesn't flow onto the paper!

You even have a pile of research sitting on your desk (well, it's actually under your desk, at your feet!), ready to be applied to your book, but it's growing dustballs, it's been there for so long!

What is stopping you? Often it's the thoughts of not being good enough. Or you think someone else has already written on the topic, your topic, and what can I actually add to it? Or you focus on getting your first page done, and it's a struggle. You can sit at the computer for hours, and the little things distract you - oh, "I forgot to add that to a client's notes", or a 'ping' alerts you to a new email, ​​​​or social media post. Often you just don't feel the flow!

The Frustration: It's eating away at you. You start to wonder if it's really meant to be at all? Are you really meant to have a book to your name, let alone a series of booksWhen will you start?​​

Google "how to write and publish a book" 

There are literally millions of results!

Google will happily give you the results you search for. What it misses is the order of the steps on HOW! 

Such as: how to keep focused and write your book.

Such as: how to work through editing, typesetting and publishing, who to go to, who to trust, what type of paper works best for my book.

Such as: how to promote your book, in your chosen niche

Google will give you to the tools, but now HOW to put them together and achieve your GOALS

Jen the Naturopath Publishes 14 Books

Jen's written and published 14 books. She's reached no. 1 on Amazon in her field.  She has books that were published 20 years ago, still creating income for her today. Books have taken Jen to her goal of being an International Speaker, a role she loves to play with and does so often.

Failed At English to Published Author:

No Excuses!

Jen failed English. She left high school at 15yr. She used to think, who would want to read a book from someone who is dyslexic, can't spell and failed English?

Instead of letting doubt cloud Jen's goal, she changed her thinking. She knew she had a message her clients wanted to hear. She found a way!

Jen learnt early on to pay someone to fix what she couldn't do.  She trusted her heartfelt message would fall onto the right ears, at the right time. She trusted the professionals to 'fix' the small things, like grammar and spelling.

Jen changed her writing style. 

Don't allow doubt to stop you writing your heartfelt message

Books create credibility and authority - you become the 'go to' person in your area of health. Your message is 'seen' by more than your clients, it can be 'seen' around the world. Books add credibility to your clinic, your workshops and your website.  You become outstanding in your field, and you are 'seen' as standing out amongst your colleagues. Trust in your credibility is built.

Once you have your book written, you can take it on speaking tours, you can create local workshops, you can even use the book as the basis of your new online course.

Books have been the cornerstone of Jen's career. They have forged her business into the internationl business it currently is. 

Your books can create this for you too

3 Top Tips For Writing Your Book

We want to share with you three tips Jen has developed on book writing throughout her time writing 14 books.  These tips allows you to start on your writing journey today!

Write to the 'google' model, get it 80% correct, then let the professionals 'fix' it

Develop a series of books. People want a message to be clear, sharp and to the point!

Find your time of the day to write, your 'flow', or inspiration time. Book it out daily

Writing Brings You Focus & Branding

  • Writing brings you focus. You have a million ideas a day! You research carefully for every client. Effectively you have similar framworks for programs for every client. Your programs creates a massive change for them.  Writing down your ideas, brings you and your business focus.
  • Writing creates personal branding for your clinic.You already know the client you commonly attract, the client you help the most. Focusing your brand on the outcomes you achieve for these ideal clients, grows your business. 
  • Focus and Branding Builds Your Business.  Branding can rise from writing and publishing your own book. The book will brand you. You will stand out in a crowd. You become outstanding in your field. Write, NOW!

Imagine You Have Written, Published & Promoted Your Book....

Its now 6 months after your first book has been published..... 

You are writing with ease. 

Your second book in the series is due for release in 4 weeks. 

Your pre-launch has started. Already the printing costs are paid for from early sales!

The social media posts you are creating are going to more people than you've ever seen in your clinic!

You've been interviewed on local and national television.

Local newspapers call you for articles on your area of expertise.

Workshops are sold out, a month in advance!

A Book Can Take You There

You've been invited to speak at a conference overseas, for a fee, in fact for more than you've ever imagined a one hour talk would earn you! AND, you get to sell your books there too. BONUS​​​​!

Outsourcing your admin, cleaning and bookwork has given you more time to write. ​BONUS!​

In fact, those were your least favourite parts of being a business owner, now you don't worry about them!


Your business is your whole hearted ​PASSION​, as you love every single moment.


All from taking action and writing the damn book!

Writing, Publishing & Promoting YOUR BOOK With Ease​​


Jen and Sandra realised that many therapists have an area of health they are passionate about. Yet, they struggle to write about their unique message and take it to the masses. They created a course designed to show you how to write, publish and promote your book, how to take your message to the market.

This is a course written by therapists, for therapists!

Identifying an ideal target market, with an ideal client is opposite to what we are taught as therapists. Jen and Sandra guide you to identify exactly who you can write to, who you can create your message for. Ensuring you are writing to an audience or open ears, rather than writing to tell what should be done.

Writing with flow is a skill Jen has perfected throughout her 14 book journey. She shares with you how to create focus, how to write your unique message, with ease. Step by step instructions that gets your word onto paper.

Writing your book is only one step on your journey of becoming a published, and successful author.

The publishing world is full of many technical issues that will blow your mind. As well as pitfalls that will leave you with litle income for your knowledge. Or without control over your content. Jen has navigated these to find a successful solution that creates a beautiful book, skillfully presented, for market. And, you retain your intellectual property! We have a module that guides you through every step. 

Alongside writing, and publishing, your book needs to be promoted. How do you go about doing this? Over the last 20 years, Jen's ability to self-promote her book will leave you in awe. She shares every secret method she has successfully used in her bonus module for you. It's not to be missed! 

Promotion of your book also includes your sales copy on your website. Sandra guides you through creating a sales page, giving you tried and tested methods of layout and style of writing, to ensure your book has the best page dedicated to it!

  1. 1
    4 weeks of training: your course will have you writing your book, with focus, in as little as 28 days. 
  2. 2
    Writing with focus. Publishing without the pitfalls. Promoting with ease. Bonuses: include a full list of all the tools and contacts we use for writing & publishing, no research necessary. Tried and tested contacts! Online support group, with Jen & Sandra giving you support.​​
  3. 3
    Benefits: imagine writing with ease. Imagine knowing where to go to for publishing. Imagine having rails to follow to successfully publish your unique health messsage!

Our Course Gets Your Word Published!

Our course is available to you right now.

In this course we will walk you through 3 easy to implement steps to publish your book, including:

1. the little know focusing technique we use

2. easy to follow steps on how to write a book

3. the secrets to publishing your book successfuly.

Best part is, it's easy to do. We'll show you how, step-by-step. 

ACTION TAKERS ONLY! Buy now for $297, available for the first 100 authors ONLY!


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Sandra Venables & Jennifer Jefferies

Creators of

Gets Your Word Published

About the Creators

It’s taken Jen and Sandra close to 50 years combined to be here with you today. It had to take that long for them to make enough mistakes… to find enough solutions… and to get enough results when it comes to developing their successful holistic businesses.

Jen has had incredible results like running a clinic with multiple practitioners, authoring 14 books on health and wellness and being an regular and desired international speaker and trainer for over 10 years. Sandra has been running online businesses for over 10 years, alongside her home-based clinic, while mentoring and teaching students and practitioners for over 10 years. 

It's Alright For You, With Your Experience - 

But, How Can I Do It?

Finding your confidence to write can feel scary. You can feel very afraid! You can be worried what others say about your books. We know! 

Jen took two years to write her first book! She allowed FEAR to stop her in her tracks! Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, and all the other 'stuff' going on in her head!

Writing helps you grow through your fears and that allows you to grow you and your business!

Don't let FEAR stop you dead!

But I Don't Know What I Want To Write About

It's true, as natural therapists we're taught not to specialise. That means we have a million messages in our heads, every day.

We show you how to take your knowledge, life experiences and ideas and focus them into a message that your clients are desiring to know about, a message that will change their lives and how they live them. We do this in easy to follow steps, to ensure you focus on what is important right now.


What's In Our Course?

  • To make change, something has to change, we offer you a bonus mindset module
  • Discover your ideal client for your book
  • ​Develop your message for your ideal client
  • Learn our secret to focus and begin writing your book in as little as 14 days
  • Discover the secrets to publishing
  • Join our supportive business group
  • BONUS: download our tried & tested resources list, immediately

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